US Embassy Construction Special Logistics Project  Operation Management & Consultancy

Managing of International Cross Trade and Logistics Project Operation, Cross Trade and Overseas freight operations, US Embassy Construction Special Logistics Project Operation Management Internatıonal Freight Forwarding and Logıstıcs Projects.
Int'l Trade rules and transit operation abilities.
Review specifications related the subject project to determine scope of logistic operations by air, sea or land transportation.
Review the main contract material delivery schedule and determination  for scope of logistic operation time management.
Lead, supervise, follow up and control the logistic operations of the project materials which have to be delivered to the project site.
Make adjustments as required to ensure a smooth running project.

- 400 man Camp, US Bagram Airbase /Afghanistan  2003-2004
- US Embassy NEC Construction Project, Belgrade / Serbia 2012-2013
- US Embassy NEC East Barracks Project , Baghdad / Iraq  2012-2013
- US Embassy Consulate Construction Project, Islamabad / Pakistan  2012-2013
- US Embassy Kabul, Camp Sullivan Project / Afghanistan  2013-2014
- US Embassy NEC Vehicle Maintenance Project , Baghdad / Iraq  2014-2015
- US Embassy Kabul, Camp Alvarado Project / Afghanistan  2014-2015
- US Embassy NEC Power Plant Project , Baghdad / Iraq  2014-Present
- US Embassy NEC Construction  Project , Bangkok / Thailand  2015-Present
- US Embassy NEC Construction  Project , Karachi / Pakistan  2015-Present
- US Embassy NEC Construction  Project , Belmopan / Belize  2015-Present
Heavy and Special Project Transportation
On the other hand , the basis of its long experience in the field of road transport, this department brings Crosman Intl  in the field of international shipments The company has implemented all the structural adjustments that are necessary to meet the needs related to this kind of activity.

A team of experienced operators – selected to be able to face the complex processes of this sector with the required professionalism – can handle any kind of “Project Cargo” service request coming from our clients:

“Door-to-Door” services from and to any place in the world,

Multimodal transport operations for the most diverse sectors (petrochemical industry, civil and industrial works, products and materials for power transformation), with the possibility of hiring special ships for carrying particularly heavy and massive parts

Services related to customs, port, and airport operations

Full transparency on the relationships with major naval and airline operators and companies

These are the components supporting those well-established company processes that make Crosman Intl  able to face any "exceptional" transport in an "ordinary" way.